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Basic Hair Service Price List:

Hair Extensions Price List:

Lusciouslox Hair Extensions-To date used by celebrities.They are the original creator of Nanobeads system and the hair last up to 2 years.#1 highest grade 5 star hair!No more shedding or breaking down the bonds.up to 61 colours to choose from.

$900 Standard 100g Full head Lusciouslox Nanobeads 20"
$450 1/2 Head 50g Lusciouslox Nano beads 20"
(extra hair minimum 10 strands) $90 per 10 (1g) strands

Servicing your existing extensions:
Every 6weeks-Sliding(Push up) of maintenance $1 per strand for Microbeads and $1.50 per strand for Nanobeads

Why Micro/Nano beads? Well first of all they are attached to your hair with a light weight bead that is lined with silicone to protect your hair, rather than a sticky glue substance/tape/wax/weave that can easily get stuck usually will cause breakage.To apply they are clamped shut and to remove we simply unclamp them. The bonds are the most compatible with elements such as heat, water and sunlight. They are single 1g strands so the hair blends easily with your own hair making them easy to brush (with correct brush/comb) and easy to maintain with maximum life.

The difference with Nanobeads is that they are a miniature version of the bead (up to 90% smaller than the normal bead/tube) the bead and tip is so tiny that its barley visible by the naked eye and very lightweight on your hair, making them the least damaging and comfortable method available to date. Although suitable for all hair types Nanos are the only Extension method that are safe to use on very fine and or damaged hair as there is little tension on your own hair.
With proper application and blending the Extensions are secure, natural looking, comfortable and easily disguised in up or down styles.

We have the knowledge, expertise and skill to advise, apply and remove extensions with the precision and care that is needed.

Only 1 hour full head application(Microbeads), 1 1/2 hour full head application(Nanobeads)